How to determine your underwear size?
Do you want to give a stunning gift to yourself or someone close to you, do you want to surprise or please him, or tell him about your feelings or secret desires? The most important and important question arises that worries not only girls, but also men - how to correctly and accurately determine the size of underwear?
We solve these complex problems every day. Because we want our underwear not only to fit perfectly, but also to bring comfort, joy and satisfaction to our beloved customers, for whom we work every day.
Everything is very simple if you have a minute of time, a measuring tape and a good mood.
How to measure your body correctly to purchase underwear?
To do this, you need to take a measuring tape, stand in front of the mirror exactly, making sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor, and take the following measurements, as in the picture:

✦ breast volume is best done in a bra with soft cups along the most protruding points of the chest and shoulder blades;

✦ girth under the chest - measure on a naked body, in a relaxed state;

✦ waist circumference, (the narrowest part of the body) placing the palm of the little finger over the hip bone, at the level of the index finger and there will be a waist;

✦ hip circumference, measured at the most protruding points or 18-20 cm. below the waist.
And it's all!!!!!
You can not waste time calculating the size, but simply send your measurements to us in the chat, or send us in any messenger that is convenient for you, and within a few minutes you will receive a response with the size you need. And also, you can determine your size yourself using our tables, which are listed below.